Top 6 Holiday Tips [for WFH season in NCR]

This time last year, we had to all experience our very first Christmas during a pandemic. We all had our take on keeping the Christmas spirit alive then.

With more of us vaccinated, we hope to experience some sort of normal.

It’s no surprise that we’re eager to reunite and reconnect with their loved ones, especially this Christmas. Whether it’s your Christmas menu, activities, or gift list, you’ll want to make things special for this event!

This holiday season, how can you celebrate as safe and purposeful as possible considering the new COVID-19 variant? Read on as we share with you some tips!

1. Avoid the Holiday Rush πŸŽ„

At the time of writing, the IATF has lowered the restrictions to alert level 2. We’re naturally excited to go back to the malls. Finally, they can do their Christmas shopping, strolling, etc.

If there’s one thing that the pandemic taught us, it is to adapt and enjoy the convenience of online shopping. To minimize interactions with people in physical stores, you can order your Christmas gifts online as early as possible.

It’s not just for yourself. You also support manufacturers, small businesses, and delivery services by shopping online.

There are several online platforms that you can use to purchase work from home gifts for you or your loved ones.

While you can do online shopping, it would still be best to shop early.

Common shopping platforms tend to take time for the shipment to be sorted in logistic facilities. Worse, some items can be lost in transit.

When purchasing from online stores, look for those who offer super-fast delivery so that you can be sure that your work from home gifts will arrive on time.

If you can’t meet up, you can send something over or purchase e-cards that they can use. πŸ˜‰

2. Connect Through Tech πŸ’»

Stay connected with family and friends through meaningful online conversations.

Like using technology while shopping for work from home gifts, you can use several apps to celebrate virtual events.

It’s easy to set up a video call using Zoom or Facebook Messenger to get in touch with your loved ones. Want to do something fun? How about opening your work from home gifts while you’re on a video chat? πŸ˜‰

3. Practice Acts of Kindness πŸ€—

Giving back during the holiday season always feels good, so why not make it a family activity? Let your presence be felt by those who are alone.

Look what your local government needs in terms of donations, and put together a supply box for families in need. You can consider donating to charities and supporting frontliners.

4. Choose Outdoor Settings 🍽

Choosing an outdoor setting is the best choice if you want to celebrate and be reunited with your loved ones.

If you’re hosting a family event, consider doing it in the patio/garden, any area where the air can circulate to lessen the risk of spreading the virus.

While at it, try picking a place that accepts digital payments like Gcash or Paymaya. Not having to deal with cash or give your credit card minimizes contact and health risks.

5. Select Thoughtful Gifts to Meet Their Needs 🎁

Looking for the best work from home gifts may seem easy, but you need to be extra careful to send something they’d genuinely find helpful every day.

Particularly, those who chose a minimalist lifestyle would prefer only to use things that serve a purpose.

🎁 For the book worm

Using a gadget shouldn’t be uncomfortable, whether you’re using it for work or your hobbies. Use this stand while you’re watching, drawing, baking, or even studying for exams all day long.

🎁 For the laptop lover

Are you using a laptop for work and don’t have a designated workspace? Whatever your workspace is, the Z Riser can help maintain maximum visual comfort while using your laptops.

🎁 For those who are always plugged in

This ergonomically designed monitor stand can carry monitors, a printer stand. It can also serve as a desk organizer to stack books, notes, small CPUs, and other work essentials.

🎁 For the neat freak

Keep your gadgets and valuables squeaky clean with this imported premium cleaning product. It’s 200x thinner than human hair and creates 40x more surface area than regular fibers.

🎁 For the time conscious

Be on time and keep distractions away.

Place your phone, earbuds, and AirPods on top of the alarm clock to simplify your desk and recharge your devices conveniently.

6. Get Vaccinated. Don’t Forget to Wear Masks! πŸ’‰

Hurray for saying goodbye to face shields! However, that does not mean you get to wear your masks below your nose or chin!

Wear your masks properly, and it helps to get vaccinated.

Have you joined the National Vaccine Drive held last November 30 to December 3? If not, it’s not too late to get vaccinated!

IATF is planning to run another vaccination drive this December 15-17. Stay tuned for the latest news for updates!

Over To You

Although the holiday season may be different from how we celebrated it, there are still ways to make it more meaningful and memorable. This is a great time to switch away from your regular routines. Turn to a more reflective mood by spending time for yourself and catching up with loved ones.

Everyone has their ideal vision for a perfect Christmas, but one thing unites us all – coming together to share a holiday with family and friends.

Are you looking for well-thought work from home gifts, check out WorkGadgets!

We wish you a meaningful Christmas and a Happy New Year! πŸŽ„

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