WG· Triangle — Laptop Stand, Portable, Adjustable for iPad/MacBook


Need a proper workstation on the go? Say no to flimsy contraptions.

The Triangle uses a time-tested design to boost your screen without the dangers of your laptop or tablet falling on the floor.

Elevate your space.

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A comfortable workspace is incomplete without a laptop stand. We slouch as we look at our screens for hours each day, making our body suffer from these annoying aches and pains that are slowly affecting our productivity at home. It’s high time to stop hunching and start sitting straight and your laptops on eye level. Prevent these neck, shoulder, and neck pain from weighing you down with this Ultra-Portable Laptop Stand! It is made of high-quality aluminum to make any workstation look classy. This laptop stand is straightforward to set up and put away; you are one-fold away to achieve an ergonomic workspace and one-fold away to reduce clutter on your desk.

The Triangle with its included carrying pouch

Achieve an Ergonomic Setup Wherever You Go

It is ultra-portable and lightweight, so you can make any workspace a comfortable one without needing an external mouse and keyboard. If you are working half a week at the office, this stand is ideal for bringing as it fits any bag and switch to your adjustable laptop stand on days you need to work at home. You deserve comfort using your gadgets, not just for work but even if it’s your hobbies! Raise your tablets when you’re watching Netflix, drawing, or while you’re baking using this stand, or whether you are reading books leisurely or studying for exams for hours.

adjust the ultra-portable stand for the right angle

Stable Construction

The quality build and clever design means your laptop or tablet won’t wiggle.

Unlike those funky contraptions, The Triangle is easy to adjust and stays firmly in place.

Ultra-Portable Laptop Stand Specs:

  • Weighs .25 kg., 2 inches width, 8 inches in length, and 0.75 inches in height, to make it easier for you to work comfortably as you move around
  • Holds laptops up to 15.6 inches and 12.9-inch tablets, sturdily and securely
  • Hollow design to provide maximum ventilation and prevent overheating
  • Adjustable with a 210-degree range to guarantee a smooth laptop viewing experience
  • Rubberized feet to keep your laptop firm to your desk.
  • Carrying pouch is included