WG· Z Riser — Adjustable Laptop Stand, Heavy-Duty, Ergonomic

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Say goodbye to body pains & eye strain. No to those flimsy laptop contraptions. Secure the perfect, eye-level angle. Z Riser is the throne for your tablet, portable monitor, or laptop.

Elevate your space.

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Works with Smaller Devices up to Bigger Laptops

Elevate your precious computer. You could have a chunky gaming laptop, 16-inch MacBook Pro, or 7-inch tablet, or a textbook. Z Riser can easily handle your device.

Boost Your Productivity

Don’t you know why those pains on your back, eyes, shoulder, and neck keep coming back and stealing away your productivity? It’s probably your hunched posture while looking downward at your screen for 8 hours per day (or more)

Give yourself a break from your uncomfortable desk setup, as this laptop riser is carefully built to help you sit in a healthy posture so you can work from home in comfort.

Excellent physical health is paramount when you want to successfully juggle the different roles of a professional, WFH-er, parent, and spouse. This laptop stand’s adjustable height, sturdiness, ergonomic design, premium materials all contribute to help you stay your best at work and at home.

Z Riser in Action:

Elegant, No-Nonsense, Reliable

We have seen those flimsy contraptions and questionable workarounds.

Not only do they look like toys, you waste time worrying if your computer is safe.

This is a trustworthy holder for your precious laptop, giving you a professional space to be confident.

Focus on your life’s best work. Elevate your screen like a pro with Z Riser.

Finally, A Laptop Riser that Gives You the Perfect Height

You are guaranteed to reach your laptop’s eye level no matter what your desk’s height is. Whether you’re working at a junior study table, a coffee table, or an office desk, you can sustain maximal visual comfort for your laptops. Its Z-design lets you lift your laptop or tablet high enough to extend to your eye level and tilt its angle up to 90° with its easy-to-adjust setting.  

Easily Handles (Waaay) More than You Can Fit–No Sweat

Out of the box, the Z Riser’s joints have the right amount of friction–not too tight or loose.

But, with the included wrench tool, you can still easily tighten or loosen the joints as you wish:

tighte the Z Riser's

Made of premium materials to make your desk look professional while serving many functions. Its two pieces of aluminum alloy plates and legs are each 3mm thick to support your laptops up to 17 inches, books, and tablets, stably and securely. The aluminum material also improves heat dissipation, so you don’t have to worry about your laptop overheating when used for a long time.

This laptop riser also does a job in protecting your laptop from falling off or scratching from the aluminum alloy with its 4 slide-proof silicones. 

See it again in action:


  • Aluminum alloy stand in silver
  • Weighs 1.6 kg and is 3mm thick to carry 17in laptops without wiggling
  • Z-design to lift up to 8.27 inches in height and tilts up to 90° for maximum viewing comfort
  • Hollow base plate to provide optimum ventilation and prevent overheating
  • 4 anti-slip rubber to grip your laptops well and prevent scratches

Complete your desk setup:

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