WG GoBase – Sleekest, Unli Adjust, Tech-Safe Stand | Thinnest Portable Design for Stable Laptop Typing, Tablets & Travel

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Discover unparalleled elegance and utility with the WG GoBase, the thinnest highly-adjustable and tech-safe stand on the market. Designed for those who appreciate both style and functionality, the GoBase offers a sleek, ultra-portable solution to your mobile workstation needs.

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Portable Productivity

The GoBase is designed for those who need a workstation can move with them. It is lightweight and slim, making it easy to carry without adding bulk to your bag. Ideal for professionals who transition between workspaces, this stand provides the support you need without tying you down to a single location.

Easy Peasy, No Sticky

Unlike other stands, GoBase does not use any adhesive. You have the freedom to switch between devices to use with the product.

It’s a simple, stable triangle support. Adjustable thanks to magnets.

Keep your precious gadgets clean from stubborn adhesives and enjoy a portable stand that works with your different tech devices.

Reliable Stability

With the GoBase, stability is a given. It offers a solid base for your laptop or tablet, ensuring that your device remains secure, even during interactive use like typing or navigating the touchscreen. The design is focused on providing a firm grip, so you can concentrate on your work without concern for your device’s safety.

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Ergonomic Adjustability

The adjustable design of the GoBase allows for personalized ergonomic comfort. You can set your device to various viewing angles to reduce neck strain and maintain a comfortable posture for longer periods. The ease of adjustability ensures that you can quickly find the angle that best suits your needs at any given moment.

This includes comfortable keyboard use. The design of GoBase ensures there’s no obstruction to your palms while typing, unlike traditional stands that may necessitate the use of an external keyboard.

Work, Watch, Play, and Create like never before with your versatile GoBase stand.

Simple Magnetic Mechanism

Ease of use is paramount with the GoBase’s magnetic mechanism. The stand utilizes magnets for a secure and straightforward attachment that enables quick changes in position. This feature is designed to support a dynamic work environment where adjustments are made frequently and effortlessly.


  • Intuitive Design: With a foldable structure inspired by origami, GoBase sets up effortlessly for immediate use.
  • Ultra-Portable: Its slim profile makes it easy to transport, fitting into most bags and sleeves alongside your laptop.
  • Flexible Adjustments: Ranging from subtle to steep angles, GoBase provides the versatility to adjust your laptop’s position to your liking.
  • Enhanced Cooling: The elevated design not only improves your laptop’s ergonomics but also its thermal performance.


What devices are compatible with GoBase?

The GoBase is compatible with a wide range of devices. It can support laptops, tablets, and ebook readers up to 17 inches. This includes popular models such as MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Chromebook, Microsoft Surface, Dell XPS, and more.

It’s suitable for use with tablets and gaming laptops, making it a versatile accessory for different devices.

Can I comfortably use my laptop’s built-in keyboard with GoBase?

Absolutely. GoBase is uniquely designed to allow comfortable access to your laptop’s built-in keyboard and trackpad. The stand keeps your device stable and stationary, even while typing, without necessitating an external keyboard. This design ensures that your palms and wrists have the space they need, so you can work comfortably just as you would without a stand.

How do the magnetic adjustments work?

The GoBase features a magnetic design for quick access. Simply pull up the adjustable stand mechanism to form a triangle support.

You can reposition this movable triangle support to get the perfect laptop/tablet viewing or typing angle. The magnetic design and triangle structure keeps the stand stable for a wobble-free typing experience.

Besides switching between the lower (30° mode) and higher (40° mode), you can adjust this triangle support forward and backward to cherry-pick the exact angle or device height.


Can I use GoBase for both laptops and tablets?

Yes, the GoBase is suitable for use with both laptops and tablets, making it a versatile accessory for different devices. Simply position your device with the front stopper and adjustable triangle lifter.


  • Materials: Durable PU leather exterior, fiber glass board, metal plate, PC, and magnets
  • Size: 10.43 x 8.39 x 0.12 inches
  • Weight: 12.8 ounces
  • Device Fit: Compatible with devices up to 17 inches

Your Workspace, Reimagined with GoBase: Whether you’re working remotely or just prefer to change your scenery, GoBase is there to support you. It’s simple, effective, and ready to accompany you on any journey. Enhance your workflow with GoBase today.

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WG GoBase – Sleekest, Unli Adjust, Tech-Safe Stand | Thinnest Portable Design for Stable Laptop Typing, Tablets & Travel
Original price was: ₱1,597.00.Current price is: ₱1,097.00.