WG· Platform — Monitor Riser, Desktop Organizer, Laptop Stand, iMac Stand

Attain a healthy and comfortable posture while you WFH! 👨‍💼 Get the best monitor stand that doesn’t only emphasize proper ergonomics and elevation, but is also compatible to use for iMacs, laptops, and even printers! 💻

Elevate your space.

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An ergonomically designed monitor stand is an absolute necessity, especially for those who work from home! 

The Platform allows you to work at ease with its neutral positioning and elevation. 

One of the best attributes of this monitor stand is that it’s built from sturdy material and can surely carry monitors and other hefty external devices. 

Moreso, this sleek riser can match most workspaces. With its minimalistic style, it can enhance or add personality and a touch of modernity to your home. 

Imagine having a work desk that makes you feel comfortable and inspired – that’s the goal!


The Platform is available in two colors: black and in birch – you can never go wrong choosing either one, as both neutral colors are simply appealing and easy on the eyes. 

Some of its best features are its optimal height and angle, where you need not to worry about slouching or moving closer to your monitor’s screen. 

A healthy posture is more important than you think! And neglecting it can only lead to worsened aches and pains in the future. 

Investing in the best monitor stand is one of the many great solutions to this, and the Platform won’t disappoint. 

Other than its benefits to your physical wellness, this riser is also versatile as it can be used for iMacs, and for heavy laptops along with external devices. 

Additionally, it can even be used as a printer stand or a desk organizer to stack books, notes, small CPUs and other work essentials. 

It’s without a doubt that working from home shouldn’t be painful, uncomfy, or difficult. 

Now’s the time to fix your postural problems, and avoid more complicated injuries brought by bad and prolonged sitting habits. 

Start elevating the way you work — invest in a monitor stand today!

Lift your laptop to eye level and get extra space to organize your other devices and accessories


The Platform specs:

  • Raises your monitor by 3.6 inches, keeping the screen at the best ergonomic eye level
  • This sturdy platform is made of engineered wood and aluminum materials, allowing it to load up to 22 lbs
  • The item weighs ‎5.19 pounds
  • Dimensions: L22.20 inches x W9.5 inches x H3.6 inches
  • Double your desk space and organize your accessories & cables by having extra capacity under The Platform

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Black, Walnut