Explore Healthy Fidgeting: Find Work-Friendly Stress Relief Solutions for Professionals [Philippines]

WorkGadgets.PH Fidget - TitanFocus and HootChaos

Everyone needs an outlet. Fidgeting is not just for children. Unfortunately, there’s a lack of solutions and products for releasing tension. You must have seen three-winged toys like this: This is not for you as it’s manufactured for children. They don’t look sophisticated and are not robust. Lacking ways to release everyday stresses, we cope … Read more

Top 6 Holiday Tips [for WFH season in NCR]

This time last year, we had to all experience our very first Christmas during a pandemic. We all had our take on keeping the Christmas spirit alive then. With more of us vaccinated, we hope to experience some sort of normal. It’s no surprise that we’re eager to reunite and reconnect with their loved ones, … Read more

[7 Tips] Tired of WFH In Manila? How to Do Better at Home

Absolutely liking your WFH setup but destroying your productivity? We sit at our desks, our minds wander to lots of things, and end up scrolling our Instagram for hours; we end our day asking, What did I do all day? Our ‘Work from Home’ setup is quite beneficial for us if you think about it: … Read more

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