Explore Healthy Fidgeting: Find Work-Friendly Stress Relief Solutions for Professionals [Philippines]

Everyone needs an outlet. Fidgeting is not just for children.

Unfortunately, there’s a lack of solutions and products for releasing tension.

You must have seen three-winged toys like this:

Common fidget for kids

This is not for you as it’s manufactured for children. They don’t look sophisticated and are not robust.

Lacking ways to release everyday stresses, we cope with nasty habits like biting our nails, getting a snack and mindlessly scrolling social media.

Dealing with Everyday Stress

It’s hard to avoid stress triggers such as extra-long Zoom meetings or deadline pressures.

Whenever we get overwhelmed, it helps to exercise, take a break, talk to a trusted friend, or practice relaxation techniques.

But those are easier said than done! We rarely have the luxury to cut the middle of a workday for a yoga session.

Fidgeting is the key.

Healthy Fidgeting

To release stress in a professional environment, not all types of physical release are appropriate.

It shall not disrupt the peace in an environment like an office, co-working space, or cafe.

While you’re enjoying the stimulation, imagine what sights and sounds will make others feel uncomfortable.

Choosing the Right Fidget Outlet

Release everyday tension without disturbing the peace or using products for children.

Discover how you can calm down and minimize mindless social scrolling by finding a socially-appropriate outlet.

Choose products with the size, heft, and movements that will suit your professional environment.

If you want a mini rollercoaster, this is for funky fun:

High-end spinner, great for executives, formal focus:

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