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Feel high-speed excellence in your hand.

Reach a zen-like state even when it’s tough. Take your work seriously with a fidget spinner made from the same metal used in the military and F1 racing.

Enjoy the robustness, smooth spinning motion, and discreet presence. Ideal for craftsmanship aficionados & busy executives.

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We all get overwhelmed, bored or stressed in some form every day. From tedious Zoom meetings to reading extra-long documents at work, we regularly experience tension and need to release.

Some will grab a snack from the pantry, bite their pen, shake their legs, or mindlessly scroll social media.

You deserve a better outlet.

How do you relieve stress in a way that’s acceptable and practical? We can’t always walk away from our desk for a yoga or meditation session…

You might remember the squishy stress ball with a smiley face from the 90s. Or the fidget toys that have gone viral a few years ago.

Unfortunately, those stress relievers look inappropriate and are too flimsy.

We have a time-tested concept of physical stress relievers but have been lacking the right form for professionals like you.

A fidget tool is good for professionals if it has the following characteristics:

  • Available where you need it (at your work environment)
  • Discreet presence
  • Suits your desk

Stay focused and fidget like a boss:

Extend Your Focus with Excellence in Your Hand

It’s very easy to get interrupted. When you’re writing an essay or completing a presentation, you’re provoked to grab your phone and divert your attention to guilty pleasures.

Throughout the workday, keep on doing your best work by fidgeting whenever you’re starting to feel restless.

Imagine how much more you would achieve if you habitually reach for your office-appropriate fidget tool, instead of breaking the concentration.

Not Just for Work

Enjoy TitanSpinner while watching Disney+, in a 5-hour car ride/flight, or having brunch with your spouse’s friends.

Keep your hand engaged to stay comfortable in situations that can get you antsy.

Research suggests that we touch our phones 2,600 times a day. Minimize the distractions and reach for your TitanSpinner instead.

Titanium Series

Go big or go home with titanium. Show your dedication to your work.

Not only is titanium alloy an exceptionally strong material, it’s lightweight (preferred for racing and military applications) and perfect for carrying in your pocket or purse. Meant to last long.

Choosing a top-of-the-line fidget spinner shows that you take your work seriously. It’s a subtle reminder of your commitment to excelling in your career.

TitanSpinner on carrying pouch and cleaning cloth

Common Titanium Alloy use cases:

  • Half of all titanium alloys end up in aerospace applications
  • This material is preferred for surgical tools and implants
  • F1 race cars use a great deal of titanium, including the life-saving halo
  • High-end consumer products like the Apple Watch Ultra

Listen Closely to the Spin & Discover Ways to Soothe

Hear the smoothness of the spin by listening closely.

Feel the friction as you jiggle the spinning TitanSpinner in your hand while the motion stays smooth.

Meant to be subtle in the work environment, it will not bother people around you with noise.

Discover different ways to spin. Try with both hands or against other objects.

Turn it into a game. Test how long you can spin it for with different techniques.

Tinkerers Rejoice

You can unscrew to disassemble the TitanSpinner. This allows you to access the bearing cartridge, giving you the freedom to replace the bearing (688, 5mm). You can modify to experiment with the spinning characteristics.

Unscrew the parts to access the replaceable 688 bearing inside
Unscrew the parts and access the replaceable 688 bearing inside

If you happen to be a DIY fan, disassembling and assembling back again would be a lot of fun.

Optional Replacement Bearing: Full Ceramic Zirconia Bearing

Full-Ceramic Zirconia Bearing, all-white, no metals

By default, the TitanSpinner comes with high-quality stainless steel bearings.

For engineering fans, you have an option to unscrew the parts and replace the 688 bearing.

We offer a particularly high-end replacement made of full-ceramic material. While industries have mastered the production of stainless-steel bearings, full-ceramic bearings were introduced for extraordinary circumstances. It’s significantly more difficult to manufacture, with improvements in durability, high-speed capability, and ability to work without lubrication.

They have less friction than steel bearings, improving the performance and efficiency. Ceramic Zirconia bearings are known for a fatigue life 10-50 times longer than that of all-steel bearings.

Zirconia (ZrO 2) is commonly used for dental implants as their mechanical strength is equivalent to teeth. It’s also a go-to material for high-end blades and knives.

Put the white bearing in the cartridge

Notice different spinning experiences between the steel bearing and the ceramic replacement. Swap and notice fun engineering details. Feel in your hand and hear different spinning characteristics.


  • Product dimensions: 35 x 16mm
  • Weight: 46 grams
  • Material: TC21 Titanium Alloy
  • Bearing: 688, 5mm, stainless steel, in replaceable cartridge
  • Includes shockproof box, carrying pouch, and polishing cloth

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TitanSpinner, Replacement Bearing Only (Full Ceramic), Combo: TitanSpinner and Replacement Bearing (Full Ceramic)

WG· TitanSpinner: Titanium Alloy Fidget Spinner – Focus & Excellence