WG HootChaos – Fidget Slider, Pocket Rollercoaster Ride

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It’s a mini carnival ride in your pocket. Release workday stress and stay focused while enjoying a sensory outlet.

Hoot hoot! πŸ¦‰

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The typical workday is taxing to the mind. Without breaks, it’s like leaving a car engine running too long. You’ll have to cool it off before it can continue running in good shape.

Stressful moments are hard to avoid, like those Zoom calls that are an hour too long.

But can you always get up and leave your desk? In an ideal world, you step out of the office to enjoy a meditation session or walk around a beautiful park.

We need a realistic way to release everyday tensions.

Rollercoaster in Your Hand

Enjoy snapping sounds by sliding around

In the work environment, we must maintain professional decorum.

There are better ways to release tension than biting your nails, tapping your feet, or screaming at a coworker.

Fidget tools are designed to give you satisfaction without disrupting the peace.

Enjoy this healthier activity rather than playing addictive games (with all those pesky in-app purchases) or mindlessly scrolling social feeds.

Staying Professional

Most fidgeting solutions are not built for pros. They fall short in terms of respectable aesthetics and quality.

HootChaos looks right on your desk, next to your AirPods, notebook, and cup of coffee.

As you enjoy the chaos in your hand, you can sit still and stay on-task, whether in a face-to-face meeting or thinking hard while on your computer.

It’s also great for leaning back, while taking a 5-minute pomodoro break away from your keyboard.

Discover Ways to Enjoy

HootChaos disassembled
16 magnets enable asymmetrical movements. They also hold the pieces together–easily snap off or back on!

With asymmetrical snapping and spinning mechanisms, there are unpredictable and exciting hand gestures to uncover.

With 16 magnets, two main pieces, and a rotator bearing, you’ll be kept busy with seemingly random ways to release tension through your hand.


Get a spinner by adjusting HootChaos in a "T" position
Put on spinner mode by forming a “T”
Enjoy spinning gestures

Some motions are silent while some will create snapping sounds.

Slide forward and backward. Side to side. Diagonally. Discover combinations. It’s chaotic like that.

There are two ways to spin, one is smooth while the other satisfyingly jitters.

HootChaos on carrying case and polishing cloth
Comes with a carrying case and polishing cloth

Not Just for Work

Habitually fidget for at least a couple hours per day.Β 

Enjoy HootChaos while watching Netflix, having coffee with lola and lolo, in a 2-hour commute, or listening to a podcast.

Simply imagine those instances when you feel antsy and would normally grab your phone for a social media fix. Or those times when you’d cure boredom for excessive snacking.

Keep your hand busy so your mind can comfortably stay on-task.

Care Guide

HootChaos is meant to fidget with. It may scratch and discolor. That shall be ok and just keep enjoying. When necessary, you may wipe clean with alcohol. Thank you for understanding.

HootChaos Specs:

  • Color: Black or Silver
  • Material: metal (zinc iron) and magnets
  • Magnets and wheel for asymmetrical spinning and snapping motion
  • 55 grams
  • Includes carrying case and polishing cloth

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Silver, Black

HootChaos in black and white by WorkGadgets.PH
WG HootChaos – Fidget Slider, Pocket Rollercoaster Ride
Original price was: ₱1,497.00.Current price is: ₱997.00.