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You just found your tablet’s new best friend! 💖 Vision Lock allows you to maximize your mobile device with the perfect hands-free experience. 👋📱🎮 Enjoy Netflix, play games with a controller, or use your mobile device like a computer screen. Clamp to your desk/bedside/surface and get the perfect screen position 💯👀

Elevate your space.

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👋 Get a Comfortable Hands-Free Experience 

Most of our daily activities involve staying in touch with our digital space. So why not do them in a more convenient and comfortable way?

Introducing VisionLock an awesome arm-like gadget that allows you to steadily clamp your device and adjust its leverage level and angle based on your needs. 

As you set your phone or tablet on VisionLock, you can now watch movies, read ebooks, or make video calls hands-free. 

It’s also versatile enough to use on objects other than devices It’s able to clamp framed mirrors, and hardcover books too!  

Simply Twist to Adjust

Clamp onto your desk, bed, or stool chair.

Simply twist the knob to tighten or loosen. Up to 1.9 inch thickness max:

⌨️ Use Your Device as a Computer with an External Keyboard

Your productivity is greatly influenced by your ergonomic workspace more than you realize! Needless to say, feeling any sort of discomfort or pain can truly disrupt your workflow. 

Set up your external keyboard, then by using VisionLock, place your tablet at eye level and adjust the angle to your liking.

This will help keep your focus and fix your posture while you work. 

Want to save space? This tablet holder leaves room under your screen without crowding your desk.

You can organize and make more room in your desk area while your phone or tablet is fixed on the holder.

🧑‍🎓 Education & Videos: Learn with Good Posture

Attend classes and watch videos for hours while being good to your back, neck, and eyes.

Setup proper screen ergonomics for the little ones or configure your conducive e-learning situation. One less thing to worry about to focus on learning!

📺 Entertainment: Get the Perfect Display for Netflix and Gaming Without Tiring Your Arms

It’s time you stop holding your gadget or stacking books to set it up. Get your hands busy digging in some popcorn or playing with your controller instead!

You can use VisionLock on your nightstand as you watch movies in bed or play games without tilting your head down to your tablet. 

🎮 Wide Compatibility: Tablets, Smartphones, Nintendo Switch, Etc

VisionLock is suitable for 4.5-13 inch mobile phones or tablets such as iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy, iPad 1/2/3/4, surface, surface pro, iPad pro 12.9/9.7, and so on.

For gamers, it’s also suitable for consoles like the Nintendo Switch! It’s detached 6.2 inch screen fits safely and wobble-free. You can finally sit back and use your side controllers more often!

💪 Secures the Ergonomic Position: High-Quality Aluminum, Clamp, Adjustable Hinge Tightness

VisionLock is a high-quality aluminum-made holder that’s designed with a tight and adjustable clamp to ensure your device is safe and stable. 

For bigger and heavier devices like the iPad Pro 12.5″, you can simply have the side screws turned tightly to increase the arm’s bearing force and you’re good to go!


Grab your own robot arm today, and improve your postural health, productivity, and comfortability. Get yourself a VisionLock


  • Works with smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices
  • Suitable for devices with 4.5” to 13” displays (ranging from iPhone 6 to iPad Pro 12.5”)
  • Comes with an Allen Wrench for tightening or loosening joints
  • Loosen joints to easily adjust the angle; tighten joints to hold more firmly in place
  • Clamp adjustment range: 0 to 1.9 inches (for desks, bedside, stools, and other surfaces)
  • Made of high-quality aluminum alloy
  • Product weight: 1.1 lbs