USB C Docking Station — HDMI Displays, VGA, PD, USB 3.0 | for Laptop, Smartphone


Do more with your computer and mobile devices.

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Unlock hidden features supported by your MacBook, laptop, or Android device.

Work and play with your big TV or monitor. Use a second (and third) display. Connect to professional equipment such as hard drives, keyboards, mice, microphones, etc.

This USB C docking station has the following ports:

  1. HDMI (up to 4K@30Hz)
  2. VGA (up to 1080p@60Hz)
  3. USB C PD (Up to 87W)
  4. Full-sized USB 3.0 port

You’ll get USB ports and be able to connect to an external monitor via HDMI and/or VGA.

This product also works well with smartphones with USB Type C ports. For instance, your Samsung Galaxy phone might support Samsung DeX, the PC like interface, which activates when you connect to an external monitor. Enjoy the bigger screen for entertainment and productivity.

Note: while this Hub gives you the ports, supported features depend on your smartphone/software/laptop/etc.