WG· TitanClaw – Titanium Alloy Pry Bar, Ultimate Multi-Tool for Home & Office

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Your go-to companion for everyday tasks in a pinch.

Fidget with the gripping structure and paracord lanyard. Enjoy it all day.

With its ergonomic design, screwdriver, pry head, and bottle opener, the TitanClaw handles a wide range of tasks. Carry your claw for ordinary and unexpected situations.

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Upgrade your daily toolkit. Be more prepared at home, at work, and everywhere in between.

TitanClaw is versatile and practical, helping you with everyday needs. It’s perfect for office workers, freelancers, students, or anyone looking for a reliable and useful tool to have on hand. But none of those overwhelming, overkill, and confusing toolboxes.

Keep your TitanClaw within reach for daily needs. While fidgeting with it admiring the craftsmanship.


The TitanClaw’s compact size makes it easy to carry in your pocket or bag. It’s the perfect tool to have on hand when you’re on the go. With its integrated screwdriver, nail pry head, and bottle opener, you can handle a wide range of tasks quickly and efficiently. A super-charged extension of your hands.

You won’t have to over-analyze which tool to pick up or struggle with hard-to-open packages. The TitanClaw makes it easier to improvise and deal with everyday tasks. Plus, the ergonomic design ensures that you have a secure and comfortable grip, even during extended use.

Unlike scissors or other sharp objects, it’s more comfortable to have this claw close to you for easy access.

Pick it up in a pinch

Practical and Versatile

Even if you’re not an outdoorsy person, the TitanClaw is practical for common home and office situations. Let alone for emergencies.

The compact size makes it easy to store in a drawer, on your desk, or in your pocket or bag when you’re on the go.

You must receive parcels from online shopping (almost) daily. Instead of searching for a pair of scissors or cutter, you can use the pry bar to open packages in a pinch. Cut thicker packaging tape with the bottle opener’s tip.

The integrated screwdriver bit holder and nail pry head make it easy to tighten screws on your chair or desk and remove stubborn nails.

When you’re on the go, the portability allows it to fit conveniently in your pocket or bag. You have a bottle opener, for when you need a refreshing beverage or be ready to tighten a loose screw on your bike.

Thanks to the many functions of the pry bar, it’s ideal as your first and only multi-Tool.

This is your claw. Keep it close and be more equipped.

Titanium Alloy: Strength, Safety, and Durability for Your Everyday Tasks

This is an exceptional material for your tool. With remarkable strength, biocompatibility, and durability, titanium alloy is built to last, ensuring that your multi-tool will remain reliable even after heavy use.

Titanium alloy is used in various high-performance applications, from missiles and F1 racing cars to airplanes and surgical tools. It’s preferred for heavy-duty tasks due to its exceptional strength and durability. With its unique combination of robustness and lightweight properties, titanium alloy has been a go-to material in the racing, aerospace, and defense industries for decades.

The biocompatibility of titanium alloy also makes it a safe choice for use in surgical tools and other medical applications. This makes the multi-tool particularly comfortable to have near you every day.

Complementary Lanyard: Paracord with Titanium Bead

Conveniently pick up and grip with this lanyard. It comes with a stonewash titanium bead that goes perfectly with the multi-tool.

Enjoy the paracord by discovering diverse ways of tying knots, such as the Snake Knot, Cobra Knot, or the so called Fisherman’s Knot. This is a whole thing. You can obsess for hours with YouTube tutorials.

As you begin your paracord journey, start by improvising with simple techniques. You could tie just a couple of knots to keep the bead in place.

The titanium bead makes the lanyard easier to grip while adding a touch of style.

Find Your Fidget Fix

Feel its robustness. Admire the engineering excellence. Enjoy the tactile experience of the textured grip. Play with the paracord lanyard.

With the tool by your side, discover satisfying gestures to help you stay focused on your work.

Key Features:

  • Titanium alloy material (TC21), stonewash finish
  • Ergonomic, fidget-friendly design for a comfortable and secure grip
  • Screwdriver bit holder and hex wrench, 55mm size, replaceable slot
  • Includes two-sided Philips and flathead screwdriver bit (iron material)
  • Nail pry head for opening boxes, removing nails, and stripping wires
  • Bottle opener for beverages or tearing open packaging tape
  • Comfortable size at 127mm x 25mm and weighing 80 grams
  • Complementary lanyard: paracord with titanium bead
  • Bonus polishing cloth