WG GoClock — Travel Alarm Clock, Date, Backlight, Desk/Bedside/Mobile


Simple, elegant, easy to use. Take GoClock wherever you need to tell time without constantly checking your phone.

Your time is priceless. Protect it.

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We check our phones too often these days. GoClock goes wherever you need it.

Place this compact device anywhere. Your 🏢 office, 🛏️ bedside, 🏡 home office, 🛁 bathroom, 🏨 hotel room, or 📚 bookshelf.


The GoClock features a timeless and minimalistic design.

This look goes well anywhere you need to tell time—your bedside, desk, toilet, hotel room, or Airbnb for the night.


No need to look for special batteries. Just pop in 2pcs of AAA and you’re good to go.

The large display tells you exactly what you’re looking for. See the big numbers to easily tell time.

Buttons are labeled well for those rare occasions when you’ll adjust the settings.

On top of the device is the snooze/light button so you can easily activate the common functions.


The clock allows you to switch between 12 or 24hr formats.

You’ll see the set alarm time on the upper right of the display, so no need to guess. When it’s time to wake up, GoClock beeps gradually faster until you’re up. Tapping the snooze button gives you 9 more minutes.

The display also features the date, day of week, and indoor temperature (°C or °F).

GoClock Specs:

  • Dimensions: 110*40.4*74mm
  • Weight: 137g
  • Time, date, day of week, temperature display
  • Power: two AAA batteries (not included)
  • Easy time, date and alarm setting
  • LCD screen
  • Backlight: tap for 5-second on-demand light
  • Alarm turns off on its own after 3 minutes of no response
  • Alarm volume levels: low (70db) and high (85db)
  • Snooze: beep again in 9 minutes
  • Weekend mode: when alarm is on, press the “5” button, skips alarms on Saturday and Sunday