WG· CosmoCount Productivity Timer — Ultra Clear Display, Pomodoro Technique

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Does your mind often wander into deep space? 👨‍🚀 Launch to focus on work, cooking, or exercise! 🚀

With this easy-to-set-up timer, work smart from one beep to another! 💻⏱️

Your time is priceless. Protect it.

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Are you losing track of time? Do hours and days just blur together? 😶‍🌫️

It’s always best to create a neat and productive space that would help you manage your most important asset – time. 

Skyrocket your performance! 🚀 CosmoCount Productivity Timer has an aesthetic design that won’t only make an awesome addition to an Insta-worthy post, but its countdown and stopwatch features would also help you boost your productivity. 

#DeskGoals you say? You’re certain to get that #WorkMode in too! 💯💯

While you’re busy hustling, our timer and the Pomodoro Technique will undoubtedly help you stay locked in! 🔐
What’s a Pomodoro Technique, you may ask?

For perfectionists and procrastinators alike, this technique is no alien! 🛸
To simply put, Pomodoro Technique is a system wherein tasks are done and divided throughout the day in 25-minute durations.

The timer also plays a key role to do this technique successfully as getting an alarm and a glimpse of running time during work would promote better work efficiency. 🤓

An All-Around Great Timer to Track Your Everyday Tasks, Big and Small

It has a large LED display with adjustable brightness allowing you to see the remaining time at a glance.

Quickly set the timer with its timer memory feature that remembers your last setting so that you don’t have to set it up every time you need to work.

Adjust the volume to your desired level to get alerts when the time is off. When you turn off the volume, you can still get alerted as the display fades in and out, making it less distracting when you’re focused at work.

It’s portable and lightweight, making it easy to bring it with you anytime, anywhere. 

Stick it to your fridge while cooking, put it beside you as you exercise, and even help the little ones understand the essence of time and deadlines!

CosmoCount Productivity Timer Specs

  • Ultra-clear LED display and 1.3-inch in font size, to let you tell time easily from a distance
  • 4 big buttons at the top – Minutes, Seconds, Clear, and Start/Pause; straightforward and easy to setup
  • 2 levels (high & dim) of brightness for convenient use in daylight or nighttime
  • 3 levels of volume; loud, soft, and mute (blinks when time’s up), to alert you at your desired volume
  • Countdown from 99:59 mins to 00:00; count up from 00:00 to 99:59 mins
  • Magnetic and has a built-in hook and stand so you can place it anywhere you need it
  • Memory function to save time from having to set it all the time
  • Operated by 3 pcs. of type AAA batteries for seldom replacing of batteries