The Axis – Adjustable, Anti-slip Stand For Smartphones and Tablets


Have you ever held your phone too long, or stacked a couple of books to keep your tablet upright? 😪 We got the best phone and tablet stand for you! 💙 It’s built with a fully dynamic height and holder that elongates to 214mm and adjusts to 180 degrees respectively – allowing your device to be angled as you so desire. 

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Holding your smartphone or tablet Quasimodo style gets uncomfortable very quickly.

How do you prop your phone for Zoom calls? Or position your tablet for binging Netflix?

To minimize body aches and pains, you’d want to use a stand. This way you don’t have to choose between comfortably holding your device or taking care of your vision.

With its sleek metal surface and round-cornered base – the Anti-Slip Axis can certainly be a great piece to add to your workspace.

Adjust its height and angle to match your desired use case with a 76mm height wiggle room:

The device holder is big and sturdy, able to hold larger tablets and displays.

For your gadgets’ protection, the riser also has reliable features such as a non-skid silicone pad and a stable sponge underside.

It also has an adjustable height of 15.6-21.4cm and a swivel range of 180 degrees – flexible enough to fix the screen’s angle to your liking. 

Say goodbye to tired hands and extra props.

With The Axis, you can now read online recipes, stream movies, or join business meetings – hassle-free!

The Axis simply does the job and guarantees an at-ease experience while you relax or work with your mobile device:

The Axis Specs:

  • 180 degrees device holder swivel range
  • Great for video calls on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc
  • Great for watching videos
  • Adjustable height: 15.6 to 21.4cm
  • Aluminum alloy material for the stand
  • Large, non-skid pad on plastic material device holder to protect your device from scratches
  • Big holder surface area to secure tablets
  • Stable sponge to protect your desk

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The Axis – Adjustable, Anti-slip Stand For Smartphones and Tablets